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November 15,2017

As companies such as Tesla and Uber continue to make progress in their plans to take over the automation industry with unmanned vehicles, we're living in a world where everything is becoming more automated. For instance, although trains have been semi-automated since the 1960s, recent technological developments have led to driverless train, as seen in Kobe, Japan and Lille, France.

September 28,2017

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September 28,2017

There are many countries around the world experiencing an aging and declining population and low birth rate. Its expected that these countries will increasingly rely on technology and automation to complete tasks which were once done by people. This is especially true when looking at the medial care sector. With an aging population and fewer numbers in the younger generations there is an expected strain on personnel, which a few countries are already experiencing.

August 04,2017

Automation has been making headlines in recent years, as technological advances have led to the creation of some pretty impressive gizmos and gadgets that can handle a myriad of tasks that were once dependant on human labour and creativity. From writing news to escorting patients to a waiting room, modern day robots are clearly capable of many tasks that were once the stuff of movies and dreams.

May 23,2017

When we think of robots and automation, we often think of Japan and the US: highly advanced societies with a huge amount of focus on technological solutions to problems. And it’s true that the presence of robots in Japan – and increasingly so in the US as well – is ubiquitous and growing fast as the manufacturing world moves ever onward to greater automation. However, other countries aren’t far behind, and there’s a possibility that the next big user and consumer of robotic technology might not be the US or Japan at all, but Mexico.

Robots on the Rise

May 17,2017

Hundreds of thousands of people working in warehouse type settings within North America use pallets to stack and organize their products daily. Pallets have become rather synonymous with warehouses; their utility and necessity cannot be argued. Pallets allow us to easily transport large and heavy amounts of product from the assembly lines, to the shipping area, and then to to customers.

February 17,2017

Robots are continuing their unstoppable march into previously unheard-of sectors. Why should the restaurant industry be any exception?

Automated Kitchens

A completely automated kitchen might sound like something straight out of science fiction, but it’s actually closer to reality than you might think. Last July, the German-developed BratWurst Bot served, cooked, and took orders for over 200 meals to guests at a garden party, many of whom were surprised to learn that robots were capable of such tasks.

January 31,2017

Milk production on dairy farms has used large amounts of automation for many decades, and cheese production is poised to follow suit. For decades, many industries have turned to automation to boost productivity, and the food processing industry is joining the fold. The use of robots makes food supplies and factories safer by reducing the potential for human error and the spread of diseases.

Modern Automation in the Cheese and Dairy Industry