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June 13,2019

For decades, robots and sophisticated automation and control systems were relegated to the likes of large manufacturers, such as Boeing, GM and Procter & Gamble.

April 29,2019

Over the years, we’ve had many questions about the certificate that graduates receive upon completion of a George Brown College online Technical Training Certificate program. We often get questions about what it looks like, its value, the accreditation it carries, and how it prepares you for a career in the industry.

March 11,2019

With the rise of industrial automation comes the demand for skilled workers that are able to work, troubleshoot, repair, program, and maintain these new machines and technologies. Robotics engineers and technicians are some of the challenging and exciting roles that have come from this evolving trend of automation and use of robots in manufacturing. Robotics technicians are responsible for servicing robots by building, maintaining, programming, and repairing them to ensure optimal machine performance throughout the machine’s lifetime.

February 15,2019

The beginnings of automation brought both ripples and tidal waves of change throughout the manufacturing industry over the past few decades. As the world enters into a fourth industrial age – one characterized by ubiquitous digitization and connectivity – many trade workers have expressed their fear of further automation, especially given recent reports of widespread job losses that continue to perpetuate this fear. However, automation could actually be a big upside for  employee growth, especially for those who wield the right skills.

January 31,2019

With tax season quickly approaching, it’s time to start preparing and gathering all relevant receipts and paperwork to file your taxes! GBC Technical Training students whose tuition fees have totaled at least $100 are eligible to receive a tax credit for tuition fees through the Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate (T2202A).

January 09,2019

How much really goes into programming an industrial robot? Surely not as much as one might expect; after all, industrial robots are charged with the seemingly easy task of repeating a limited range of motions over and over again, right?  

December 14,2018

As George Brown College will be closed the last week of December, we want to make sure our students are aware of our office hours, how this will effect registering into new modules, the availability of student support and taking final exams.

Office Hours

The Student Support Center itself will close at 5 pm on Saturday December 22, 2018, and will reopen on Wednesday morning, January 2, 2018.


December 12,2018

The world has experienced a few industrial revolutions, the latest of which is being called ‘Industry 4.0’. It encompasses recent trends of industrial automation, as well as the use and creation of Big Data. One of the most interesting changes to Industry 4.0 is the growing development and use of industrial robots.

October 19,2018

Advances in robotics technology are drastically changing our industries for the better. This has led to a growing demand in robotics technicians in various industries, who can work, repair, program, and maintain these machines. Here are four common industries hiring entry level robotics technicians.

August 09,2018

Real-world robots are still very clumsy but this is changing fast.

June 08,2018

Two commonly misunderstood types of training are certificates and certifications. Both provide important value, but are quite different in terms of purpose, content, oversight and commitment required to complete them. Selecting the right training will ultimately increase your hire ability and/or value to your employer.


May 31,2018

As more self-driving cars hit the streets, there will also be more self-driving vehicles on factory floors. According to a 2018 study from PwC and The Manufacturing Institute, 9 percent of manufacturers use semi-autonomous or autonomous vehicles within their operations today; this number is expected to climb up to 20 percent in the next three years.  

April 18,2018

Here is a brief description of what you will receive upon registration into either the Automation, Robotics, Electromechanical, Electronics, or PLC programs.

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April 11,2018

The US has revolutionized the manufacturing industry with its numerous contributions, such as introducing the assembly line. But in today’s industries, it’s falling behind. Robotic technology for automation continues to develop at a rapid pace—and the US manufacturing industry needs to catch up. Here are five reasons why US manufacturers need to invest in automation more than ever.

March 29,2018

The world of manufacturing is drastically changing. New technologies are leading to what analysts describe as the fourth industrial revolution, otherwise known as Industry 4.0, a term that was introduced at the Hannover Fair in 2012 by German workers. The fourth industrial revolution is marked by the introduction of disruptive technologies, where machines and robots can make decisions and perform tasks on their own without human intervention in an autonomous system.

March 23,2018

Manufacturing is experiencing a renaissance in North America, but manufacturers regularly report difficulty filling open positions. If you aren't sure a manufacturing job is for you, check out our debunking 5 myths about manufacturing jobs infographic to see why there has never been a better time to enter this dynamic field.

March 15,2018

We’re already living in the future where machines mimic cognitive functions that are associated with humans. These machines, also known as artificial intelligence (AI), are transforming industries and the workforce. Despite growing concerns that AI are replacing our jobs, it’s actually transforming the way we work by freeing our time so we can focus on other things. Here’s five ways AI is improving the way we work.

January 31,2018

Voice controlled speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are currently the biggest voice assistants in the market, and are part of the household trend in smart home devices. These smart devices enable people to retrieve information, dim their lights, or play music tracks by speaking their wishes.

With the most recent advancements in voice-controlled technology and robotics, these devices will soon be performing other tasks that are more labour intensive—such as doing your housework.

November 15,2017

As companies such as Tesla and Uber continue to make progress in their plans to take over the automation industry with unmanned vehicles, we're living in a world where everything is becoming more automated. For instance, although trains have been semi-automated since the 1960s, recent technological developments have led to driverless train, as seen in Kobe, Japan and Lille, France.

September 28,2017

Completely negotiate viral e-tailers and 2.0 platforms. Collaboratively deliver excellent mindshare vis-a-vis resource sucking paradigms. Dynamically maximize vertical architectures without real-time metrics. Assertively transform holistic scenarios for client-focused bandwidth. Rapidiously seize enabled partnerships and excellent supply chains.

September 28,2017

There are many countries around the world experiencing an aging and declining population and low birth rate. Its expected that these countries will increasingly rely on technology and automation to complete tasks which were once done by people. This is especially true when looking at the medial care sector. With an aging population and fewer numbers in the younger generations there is an expected strain on personnel, which a few countries are already experiencing.

August 04,2017

Automation has been making headlines in recent years, as technological advances have led to the creation of some pretty impressive gizmos and gadgets that can handle a myriad of tasks that were once dependant on human labour and creativity. From writing news to escorting patients to a waiting room, modern day robots are clearly capable of many tasks that were once the stuff of movies and dreams.

May 23,2017

When we think of robots and automation, we often think of Japan and the US: highly advanced societies with a huge amount of focus on technological solutions to problems. And it’s true that the presence of robots in Japan – and increasingly so in the US as well – is ubiquitous and growing fast as the manufacturing world moves ever onward to greater automation. However, other countries aren’t far behind, and there’s a possibility that the next big user and consumer of robotic technology might not be the US or Japan at all, but Mexico.

Robots on the Rise

May 17,2017

Hundreds of thousands of people working in warehouse type settings within North America use pallets to stack and organize their products daily. Pallets have become rather synonymous with warehouses; their utility and necessity cannot be argued. Pallets allow us to easily transport large and heavy amounts of product from the assembly lines, to the shipping area, and then to to customers.

February 17,2017

Robots are continuing their unstoppable march into previously unheard-of sectors. Why should the restaurant industry be any exception?

Automated Kitchens

A completely automated kitchen might sound like something straight out of science fiction, but it’s actually closer to reality than you might think. Last July, the German-developed BratWurst Bot served, cooked, and took orders for over 200 meals to guests at a garden party, many of whom were surprised to learn that robots were capable of such tasks.

January 31,2017

Milk production on dairy farms has used large amounts of automation for many decades, and cheese production is poised to follow suit. For decades, many industries have turned to automation to boost productivity, and the food processing industry is joining the fold. The use of robots makes food supplies and factories safer by reducing the potential for human error and the spread of diseases.

Modern Automation in the Cheese and Dairy Industry

November 10,2016

Developing a curriculum that places heavy emphasis on robotic technology can no longer be considered just another niche educational supplement designed to promote an interest in STEM subjects in today’s youth. Increasingly, such programs are being recognized as playing a vital role in providing the workforce of tomorrow with the skills necessary to thrive in an evolving, in-demand sector.

Employment Rates in North America: Are Better Times Ahead?

October 05,2016

Satellites traveling in geosynchronous orbit around the earth are tasked with performing some of society’s most important services – everything from maintaining the integrity of the global telecommunications network to the monitoring of weather systems and the environment.

September 28,2016

Programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, have long been considered as one of the pillars of the modern manufacturing era, unobtrusively executing the ladder-logic instructions necessary in industrial automated processes. While versatile, PLCs rarely work alone; things like servosrobotics, testing equipment, and vision systems can all commonly be found working in conjunction with PLCs in the manufacture of goods.

August 10,2016

In the cinematic world, legions of robots capable of scaling walls is usually a cause for concern for the film’s protagonist. In the real world however, robots are being programmed to perform such feats in order to takeover some of society’s most dangerous or unpleasant jobs, not only saving lives in the process, but also saving companies in the energy sector thousands, if not millions of dollars.

April 15,2016

When you think about all the complicated and dangerous tasks society could be using robots for in the not too distant future, what comes to mind? Will robots be used to pioneer deep space exploration to spare the fragile human body from the dangers of a frozen, irradiated void? Will robots replace human workers for things like search and rescue, fighting fires, or operating the oil platforms located in the middle of Earth’s most tumultuous seas?

March 11,2016

Robots have been used in medicine since 2000 when the FDA first approved the da Vinci Surgical System. Sixteen years and 20,000 surgeries later, the concept of a robot performing surgery is not nearly as far-fetched as it seemed at the beginning of the century. Now the da Vinci system, and many others like it, perform surgeries every single day – and yet we are still only at the very beginning of the age of healthcare robotics.

February 07,2016

In 2013, Amazon made headlines by announcing their plan for a drone delivery system. Although seemingly an amazing advance, the truth is that drone technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade or so, and it was only a matter of time before someone decided to deploy them commercially. It’s a logical step: Amazon wants to stay ahead of the game and ensure that its reputation for fast, secure delivery isn’t compromised or overtaken by its competitors. Why not do something that nobody else was even thinking of?

January 16,2016

Robots have often been thought of as the stuff of science fiction, but the truth is that robotic technology is quickly advancing and is becoming more and more useful in various situations. Already ubiquitous in manufacturing plants, robots are also becoming widely used for such applications as defusing explosives, remote surgery, and as companions for the elderly, particularly in Japan. But it is in disaster relief that the potential of robotic devices is really coming to the fore.