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Robotics Technician Program

This self-paced, interactive Robotics Technician Certificate training program allows you to work, when you want, where you want, at your own pace. Earn college credits from a fully accredited, world-leader in Distance Education.

Welcome to OnlineRobotics.com. Our Robotics Technician program provides students the opportunity to complete Robotics training and receive a Robotics Technician certificate, while taking our home training courses using an interactive learning package.

Our unique pay-as-you-learn registration option allows for easy installment-type payments. Instead of paying for the entire program when you register, you can pay for just one module at a time! You decide how quickly, or slowly, you would like to progress through the course material on a pay-as-you-learn basis.

Our distance education program provides easy-to-use home study courses since all you need is the USB or CD-ROM and an internet connection. No expensive books or lab equipment are required. The robotics simulation software, RoboLogix, is provided with the program and converts your computer into a simulated industrial robot, complete with 3D learning environments such as manufacturing plants and control systems.

Because of the flexible delivery format, students can complete the home study training in less time or more time. The Robotics Technician training program is designed to meet your schedule not ours, so you decide how much time you will take to complete the training. We provide you with the training support but leave the scheduling of studying and completion time up to you. Average completion time for the entire Robotics Technician Certificate Training program is 28 weeks. Previous electronics and/or robotics/automation experience and education may reduce that time significantly.

George Brown College is one of the largest Colleges in North America with over 75,000 students studying in full-time and part-time programs. Our award-winning distance education programs include Robotics, Electronics, Electromechanical and Programmable Logic Controllers.