Our Graduates Share their Experience with the GBCTechTraining Online Certificate Programs

July 10, 2020

Here at GBCTechtraining, we are very proud of our graduates. Their stories inspire us, and we hope they will inspire you as well!

This post highlights some of our graduates' experiences and gives some insight into how our online technical certificate programs have impacted their careers and lives.  Take a look at how our graduates have found success after completing a GBCTechTraining program. 

GBCTechTraining Student Success Stories from gbctechtraining


Our Graduates have Created Opportunities to get the Jobs they Want

Our students come from many different stages of their professional lives. Some are just starting out in their careers, while others are already well established. Regardless of stage, all our grads realized the opportunities available from taking our programs. Their increased knowledge and skills, combined with the confidence to take that next step in their career, has benefitted many greatly.

Finding the Time to Learn while Juggling the Busy Day-to-Day of our Lives

We know that for our students, time is one of their most valuable resources. Our programs allow our students to work at their own pace, leaving the scheduling of learning, studying and exams up to them.

Through this flexible computer-based training format, our students are able to seek and find the right work life balance to allow them to be successful in these programs. They are able to continue working and spend the time they need with their families while still being able to earn the professional credentials.

Sharpening Skills and Practical Know-How

Knives need sharpening once in a while and so do your skills. Our programs help our students hone their skills. The programs integrate lab experiments with the theory through the use of software that simulates the behavior of real manufacturing tools and systems. It’s a great way to get experience and practice.

Students have the freedom to refer back to the program material using the simulation software to try all the "what-if" scenarios – for example with CircuitLogix, changing parts or component values, then re-running the simulation to see how changes affect the circuit's operation and performance.

To find out more about our programs, please give us a call, toll free at 1-888-553-5333 or contact us by email at info@gbctechtraining.com.

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