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What Graduates have to say?

Mike Varney
Program: Automation, Robotics & PLC Technician II

Mike Varney works in industrial maintenance and has completed the Robotics, Automation and PLC Technician II programs. "With my background in electronics and maintenance these programs are exactly what I need to move into a Controls position." read more

Travis T
Graduate of Robotics Technician Certificate

With the assistance of his company’s tuition reimbursement policy Travis T enrolled in the Robotics Technician Certificate program because it was online and allowed him to work at his own pace. In addition to the program flexibility, he especially liked the simulator as "it provided “real-world” experience." read more

Alex Pineda

Alex Pineda
Program: Electronics, Electromechanical, PLC & PLC Technician II Technician

Alex Pineda is currently enrolled in the PLC Technician II program and has already graduated from the Electronics, Electromechanical, Robotics and PLC programs. read more

Earl Dennie

Earl Dennie
Graduate of Robotics Technician Certificate

Earl Dennie wanted to pursue employment in the Robotics field and felt he "needed a stronger understanding of the fundamentals of Robotics" read more

Patrick Denis
Graduate of the Robotics and Electronics Technician Certificate Programs

Patrick Denis graduated from the Robotics Technician program and is currently taking the Electronics Technician program. read more