Program Cost

George Brown College offers you two easy registration options, to make it convenient and affordable for you to register into the Robotics Technician Certificate Program.

1. Pay-As-You-Learn Registration - $490

With the Pay-as-you-learn option you can enrol in the Robotic program for $490 which pays for the Interactive Learning Package, web-based curriculum, and registers you into the first module in the program. After that you simply register for additional modules as you work through them. They can be purchased singly or in groups (but the total cost of the program remains the same). You can take as long as you like to complete all modules in the program.

2. Registration into the complete program - $1660

Register into the complete program and you register into all modules. This also includes the Interactive Learning Package, which includes web-based curriculum, simulation software, unlimited tutorial and technical support and online testing.