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WANTED: 600,000 Skilled Workers for Manufacturing Industry - Deloitte, The Manufacturing Institute Survey
American manufacturing companies cannot fill as many as 600,000 skilled positions - even as unemployment numbers hover at historic levels - according to a new survey from Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute Click here for full story.

A manufacturing renaissance: Industry-academic partnerships are key in this new era
We're in the midst of a manufacturing renaissance in North America. While we've seen most low-tech and labour-intensive manufacturing move offshore, the advanced and sophisticated capabilities of remaining plants enable the production of high-tech and high-margin goods. As a result, the sector is not just surviving, it's thriving. Click here for full story.


Don't Be a Dropout: 7 Secrets of Successful Online Students
Research indicates that successful online students generally share certain characteristics, including motivation, strong support systems and good time management skills. Here are seven tips that can help you succeed in the online environment.

The Rise of Online Education
For the first time in roughly a century - since the transition from the one-room schoolhouse to the classroom- and age-based school - a dramatic change in the basic way we structure our educational system is afoot. Click here for full story.

Our Programs

Our Advantage
Two characteristics are commonly shared by our prospective students, many of whom are as yet undecided about enrolling. Most students are adult learners who are returning to college for the first time in many years, in pursuit of job and skills upgrading. And many of our students have had little or no experience working with online or self-paced learning environments.

Do you have reservations about starting one of our technical training programs? Here are 5 reasons why our programs provide an ideal environment for learning:

  1. Our state-of-the art simulation software bridges the gap between theoretical principles and practical 'hands-on' application. You can preview behavior in a virtual environment and then apply it to a real world system. This trial and error is done without risk of injury and damage to expensive equipment
  2. Unlimited tutorial support from our Technical and Tutorial Support Staff that is qualified and available to help by phone or email, with small or more complex questions.
  3. Award winning content, refined over 12 years of the delivery of our programs, which will develop your knowledge and skills.
  4. Self-paced study so you can work at your own pace, in your home (or workplace) and take exams when you are ready.
  5. A flexible Pay-as-you-learn payment option that enables you to pay for the program as you work through the program.

Student Success Story

Name: Brandi Lauer, Senior Electronics Technician
Program: Electronics Technician

Brandi Lauer completed the Electronics Technician Certificate while working in Afghanistan as a Satellite Communications Field Service Engineer. "This program, unlike any other, was very thorough and offered everything I needed. One of the things that attracted me most to the George Brown College distance education format was the ability to do it at my own paceā€¦ and I finished it in four months."

Once back home in the US, Brandi's newly acquired knowledge " ...really boosted my confidence" and provided her with the technical knowledge needed to do well through the interview process. "It felt like I had more knowledge than the other people who had completed full two-year Diploma programs.

Brandi is now working as a Senior Electronics Technician. "I had applied for this type of position several times before, but was never called back for an interview. As soon as I finished the ET program and put it on my resume, I got interviews - and actually got four job offers all at the same time. "Without the knowledge I gained through the Electronics program, I wouldn't be able to do this job. The ways the program helped me are immeasurable. I now have the coolest job ever."

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