Planning Your Future

The uses of robots and robotic systems in manufacturing are growing at a phenomenal pace. Also increasing rapidly are the job opportunities for trained people in this career field. Since robots are primarily used to achieve higher levels of productivity and more competitive product costs, those skilled trades people who know how to design, set up, operate, or maintain this type of equipment are highly valued by their employers. This translates into interesting and varied work, excellent job security, and higher incomes.

Industrial automation is a reality for both large and small-scale manufacturing. Indeed, smaller companies are taking advantage of the reduction in cost of linking large scale computing power to industrial robots. Using industrial automation has also become an alternative to outsourcing production to cheaper locations - usually in other countries. Industrial robots give them reliable, cost effective production that is less prone to interruption and that is expandable at little extra unit cost. Compared with the problems of managing outsourcing, industrial automation looks like a good bet.

People working in the field of industrial robotics can typically enjoy incomes ranging from $30,000 to more than $100,000 per year.  Those individuals who simply operate robots will see earnings toward the lower end of this spectrum while technicians, designers and engineers will earn at the higher income levels and beyond. People who work in the field of robotics will likely find that they have their choices of work locations because of the wide-ranging demand for their talents and their skills. Those people who enjoy technology and continual improvements in that technology could find industrial robotics to be the field that will meet their personal interests and needs.

Many of the students who enrol in our program are skilled trades people, such as electricians, millwrights, maintenance mechanics, etc. Although these students may have excellent "hands-on" skills, they often lack the advanced technical knowledge, and College credentials, to progress further in their field. Our program is the ideal solution for trades people who are looking to upgrade their skills and experience. Many of the better-paying technical service, installation, maintenance, and design positions that are available require higher levels of understanding of robotics and automation. Our program prepares graduates for this exciting field, while allowing them to continue to work while they complete their course of study.